What is piles?

Piles are also called as another name hemorrhoids. Piles are a collection of inflamed tissue in the anal canal or anal region. They contain blood vessels, muscle, support tissue, and elastic fiber. They can have a range of sizes, and they may be different types such as internal or external. 

Internal piles are normally located between 2 to 4 cm above the opening of the anus. External piles normally occur on the outside edge of the anus.  

Piles occur due to constipation, diarrhea, lifting heavyweight, pregnancy, or straining when passing the tool. 

Symptoms of piles: 

  • Extreme itching around the anus
  • Bright red bleeding from the anus
  • Pain during a bowel movement
  • Anal itching

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Cause of piles: 

  • Stress
  • Straining while passing tool
  • Sedentary lifestyle 
  • Inadequate fluid intake 
  • Lake of fiber in the diet
  • Genetic predisposition to piles

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Complications of piles: 

  • Anemia
  • Prolapse 
  • Blood clots
  • Gangrene
  • Strangulation 

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Homeopathic medicine for piles: 

There is a list of homeopathic medicine apply on piles depending on the symptoms of piles such as Aloe, Graphites, Nux vomica, Pulsatilla, Sulphur, Calcarea Fluorica, Sepia, Arsenicum Album, Causticum, and Nitric Acidum. 

In the case of piles, the reason why homeopathy is most demanded is that traditional medicine leads to surgery to get relief from the problem. Whereas homeopathy offers natural and chemical-free medicines that treat the root cause of the piles.

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Exercise and Yogas for piles: 

  • Deep breathing exercise 
  • Stretching exercise 
  • Aerobics
  • Brisk walking 
  • Kegal exercise 3 times every day
  • Pelvic floor exercise
  • Relax your anal sphincter
  • Pawanmuktasana OR Wind Relieving Pose 
  • Malasana OR Garland Pose 
  • Balasana

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To get a permanent cure for this obstinate health problem, we do the surgery in the thinking. Yet we forget that the symptoms are the result of some underlying health problem that occurs or communicates outward in the form of the disease. The history of health problems such as constipation, excessive acidity, flatulence, flawed lifestyle, poor food habits, all of which need to be changed in order to achieve a permanent cure of piles. 

Homeopathy drugs are aimed at curing the factors that are responsible for causing batteries such as chronic constipation, chronic acidity, and flatulence so that piles can be permanently healed.