Fast facts on piles

  1. Piles OR Hemorrhoids usually develop after the age of 30.  
  2. Piles OR Hemorrhoids do not discriminant by gender. They are common in both men and women. 
  3. Risk factors for developing Piles OR Hemorrhoids are inactivity and not getting enough fiber in the diet. 
  4. Some signs associated with Piles OR Hemorrhoids include discomfort pain, blood in stool and swelling around the anus. 
  5. If Piles OR Hemorrhoids left untreated, it can increasingly painful. 
  6. Symptoms of Piles OR Hemorrhoids get worse over time. As they progress, it may prolapse, or protrude, from the anus. 
  7. The good facts about Piles OR Hemorrhoids are that the symptoms are highly treatable.
  8. Almost 1 out of 20 Americans affect Piles of Hemorrhoids. It affects at least half of the population. 
  9. Napolean had Piles OR Hemorrhoids during the battle of waterloo. 
  10. Pregnancy can cause them. 
  11. Cold surfaces cause Piles OR Hemorrhoids. 
  12. Avoid exercise if you see symptoms of Piles OR Hemorrhoids. 
  13. Hemorrhoids OR Piles increase the risk of cancer. 
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