What are the complicatios of piles?

Piles can be chronic and painful, but complications of piles are rare. Rarely, a thrombosed type of piles may rupture. If they do happen, they might include the following complications.  depending on their cause. Let us check out some complications of piles in this article. 

The complications of piles include:

  • Anemia: They can deprive your red blood cells of oxygen if hemorrhoids bleed too much. This can cause fatigue, shortness of breath, headaches, and dizziness as your body's supply of blood carries less oxygen.
  • Prolapse: When you sit or pass a bowel movement, prolapsed hemorrhoids may cause pain or discomfort.
  • Blood clots: Thrombosis is more likely to be an actual hemorrhoid problem. Blood clots can cause discomfort and scratch increasingly unbearable.
  • Hygienes: Piles cause complications associated with hygiene, as the anal area become difficult to clean after the defection.
  • Several infections: Bacteria may become bleeding hemorrhoids and infect the tissue. Sometimes untreated infections can cause serious complications, such as the death of the tissue, abscesses, and fever.
  • Gangrene: If the blood supply to an internal pile is cutoff. 
  • Strangulation: It can block arteries that feed fresh blood to hemorrhoids, preventing blood supply from entering hemorrhoids. This can cause pain that is extremely intense and debilitating.
  • Bleeding and Itching: Bleeding and pain during a bowel movement. Itching around the anal area