Homoeopathic medicine for position of sleep

The good news is homoeopathy can help bring rapid relief doing so safely and gently. Homoeopathic medicines work at the root level and can modify these genetic tendencies, thereby significantly reducing the chances of recurrence and relapse. It is very economical and has no side effect and one of the best alternatives for the treatment of sleep position. If you find yourself with cough here are some homoeopathic remedies to consider.

Homeopathic Medicine for Sleeping Position

Best homoeopathic medicine for sleep position :

Must lie in knee-chest position - Medorrhinum

Must lie on the back - Arsenicum Album

Must lie on back with thighs, drawn upon the abdomen, hands above head, disposition to uncover lower limb - Platanus Occidentalis

Must lie on belly - Acidum Aceticum

Must lie on hand and knee - Cina 

Must lie with hand overhead - Nux Vomica

Must lie with a hand under the head - Colocynthis

Must lie with leg apart - Chamomilla

Must lie with a leg across - Rhododendron

Must lie with one leg drawn up, other stretched out - Stannum Metallicum

Must move or fidget feet constantly - Zincum Metallicum

Must stretch violently for hours - Plumbum Metallicum